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The Shark and Ray Recovery Initiative

The Shark and Ray Recovery Initiative is a partnership of leading shark and ray conservation experts working to save some of the most threatened sharks and rays from extinction. They asked us to help build a website that could be the foundation of their community.

The Brief

The Shark and Ray Recovery Initiative needed a website that could act as the focal point for their community. In particular, it needed to provide a secure area where members can access a wide range of toolkits, as well as videos and webinars that can help with Shark Conservation. There had to be a smooth sign-up process for new members to access the toolkit. Finally, the website also had introduce the partnership to the shark conservation world, and be a valued place to post news and events.

The Solution

The use of amazing imagery really makes this site, but we added some nice zoom-out animation of the hero images that make the website dynamic and enticing. 

The sign up and membership process was built on a password-free concept, to avoid members having to remember or record yet another password! Instead it used "magic links" that are sent to member email addresses, and this has proven very popular and effective.

Design features include wavey borders between sections (in reflection of the sea) and rounded buttons. The main menu (on desktop) uses icons and descriptions to provide clearer information about each page. 

We always work hard to optimise our websites for fast loading, but this was of the highest priority for this site as a large portion of the audience is on very slow networks. We were very pleased to score a double A rating on GT Metrix despite the large (and beautiful) images used.

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