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Dog Meat Free Indonesia

We were pleased to build the website for this campaign against the Indonesian Dog Meat Trade with celebrity support from Ricky Gervais and Joanna Lumly (among others).

The Brief

A coalition of 4 animal welfare charities formed a new campaign called 'Dog Meat Free Indonesia' and they approached us to develop the branding and the website for the campaign. The campaign was aimed primarily at the Indonesian audience but there was also a very high priority to gain support from the international community. The website had to balance the shocking truth behind the issue, as well as the gory and upsetting images, with a sense that change IS possible, and direction on how to bring it about. The site also had to feature easy-to-use download areas, videos and a petition. 

Our Solution

Initial work focused on the development of the logo and branding colours and defining the structure and flow of the different pages and sections. We wanted to take advantage of the fame of the celebrities and made sure to prominently position the campaign video with thumbnails. With any sites related to animal welfare (and we have done many), the key is to balance images that show the issue without being off-putting to visitors. We managed this through careful selection of images and placement of graphics where possible. 

We also developed an effective news/blog system for the campaign to use as their main content delivery system, and we set the site up with a facebook pixel as part of an active and targeted marketing strategy. The petition doubles as a newsletter sign up system, making reaching out to, and leveraging supporters possible. 

We were really happy to work on this project and do our best to support a campaign could make a massive improvement to animal welfare in Asia. 

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