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Paws in Motion

Paws in motion incorporate some great page layouts, good blog design and also an online shop. Simple and effective!

The Brief

Paws in Motion is Hong Kong's first pet physiotherapy service and they approached us to create a new logo and online presence that showcased their services and values. The website needed to be very informative as they were introducing a brand new service to Hong Kong.  It also needed to demonstrate the friendly and caring character of the business. Finally, the website also needed an e-commerce system through which to market a wide variety of products, some of which are prescription only.

Our Solution

We developed a logo that reflected the fun and friendly vibe that the client had requested and also featured the main species that Paws in Motion treated. Once the logo and colour palette was developed the rest of the design styles could follow. We developed a full-screen homepage landing page layout and multiple user-friendly pages and sections that explained the services in detail.

The Blog was developed so that the staff from Paws in Motion could edit and add content very easily without any HTML or image editing skills at all. It uses a clean layout that takes advantage of their great images of pets, and of course, it is maximised for SEO and social sharing. 

The e-commerce platform was customised to cater for the different types of products but remains easy to use, and links in very well with the blog system, which allows effective cross-marketing.

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