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Here's a list of things you will need to learn if you decide to build your own site on one of the many "cheap and easy" platforms out there (sorry but its long so we had to make it with pretty small text)

Sorry you are on a mobile device and this list is way too long to show on a mobile!

  • what is an effective domain for SEO?
  • Where to register your domain?
  • How to point your domain to your website?
  • How to get faster hosting?
  • How to make and display a Favicon?
  • What is a Favicon?
  • How to display your page title on google?
  • How to get your page optimised in results?
  • What kind of images to use and where from?
  • How to display your content to get results?
  • How to get leads from your website?
  • What are meta?
  • How to use meta properly?
  • How to track your traffic?
  • Hot so submit to search engines?
  • How to create a sitemap for indexing?
  • How to make shared content look good?
  • Why use alt descriptions for images?
  • How to add alt descriptions?
  • How to ensure your key message is positoned correctly?
  • How to optimise your images and pages?
  • How to set up secure HTTPS hosting?
  • How to generate traffic to your website?
  • How to leverage social media?
  • How to maximise returns on your content?
  • How to set up your shopping cart?
  • Which payment gateway to use?
  • How to set up your products?
  • Managing your stock and shipping?
  • How to create forms and newsletter lists?
  • How to set up thank you pages?
  • How to follow up abandoned carts?

And on top of all that you'll need to make sure your website looks professional and reflects your brand's values

Don't waste your time, leave this to the professionals!

Spend your time building your business, not learning how to build your website!

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