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ALT Design & Construction

The Architecture and Project Management team at ALT Design & Construction have an amazing portfolio of work, with clients that include IKEA, Marks & Spencer, PRET and many other big names.

The Brief

ALT Design & Construction needed a new website that displayed the multitude of varied projects in their portfolio, and they needed it quickly for an upcoming industry conference. The site had to be simple, easy to navigate, and effectively use the great images they have to create an immediate impression of professionalism and quality. The site was also to be a key tool in the acquisition of new leads for the company, so contact points had to be obvious and user-friendly. 

The Solution

ALT Design & Construction joined us as clients on our "BigFish" system, which meant no upfront project fees for development of the site, and they also benefitted from our slick (and fast) on-boarding and project planning process. As designers themselves, the ALT Design & Construction team had pretty specific requirements for how the new website should look but we provided a number of options for the project and team pages and built the site to the specifications they requested. 

We used animations as well as colour effects on mouse-over that really give the site a dynamic and interactive feel, and the use of some clever code means that the colour effect works well on scroll on mobile devices too. We managed to get the site launched well-before their conference deadline and of course we ensured that links to the old site were all redirected and the new site was fully optimised for search engines.

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