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RedBox Storage

RedBox Storage is one of the larger sefl-storage companies in Hong Kong with multiple facilities throughout the territory. They needed help to maximise their digital exposure and increase website based leads and conversions.


Redbox Storage had an existing website when they approached Roojai but it was not providing any new business as it was poorly laid out and the process of booking storage online was overly complex. They asked us totally redesign the site to increase online conversions. 


We prepared a detailed site map and wireframes that greatly simplified the site and make the navigation more intuitive. We also installed e-commerce software to handle the online purchasing of storage. This e-commerce system had to be heavily adapted to provide a multi-step checkout process that takes the customer from the selected storage units, to insurance preferences and onto scheduling a move-in, and the process turned out significantly easier to use.

Design work included the use of animations that gave the impression of boxes being stacked, as well the use of curves and inset borders that reflected the RedBox branding. We also used a vertically splt screen in several places as this provided a nice way to feature vertically fixed sliders alongside scrolling text.

We developed a custom backend that enabled the Redbox team to easily manage the different locations, as well as the main content pages.

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