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Asia Global Dialogue

The Hong Kong University's Asia-Global Institute arranges an annual financial conference that includes world leaders and top bankers. This year they asked us to build the event website.

The Brief

The Asia-Global Institute had an existing website that was used for their 2013 conference and then various pages across their own website for conferences from other years. They asked us if we could create a brand new website for the 2017 conference, and include a very detailed archives section for all the previous conferences. The new website needed to attract the 500+ delegates to the 2017 conference as well as provide opportunities for sponsors.

Our Solution

This was an interesting project because the website had to go live before the finalised speaker and presentation lists. In addition, there were a total of over 100 presenters throughout the years, with many presenting on more than one year. As a result, we built out a speaker management system that allowed their profiles to be used in the archives as well as in future presentations. We also came up with a great way to slowly expand on the details of the conference time-table as both speakers and talks became confirmed. 

The design used a looped video from a previous year as a backdrop, providing a sense of hustle and action. The archive display used a mixture of video and written reports in a user-friendly and searchable format. In order to save time moving forward, all events listed for the upcoming conference were automatically placed in a hidden archive page, so that it would be very easy after the conference to switch that on and display the results of 2017, saving time for planning for the next conference.

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