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Sharks and Rays for WWF

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has a vast website. Within this network are sub-sites that feature departmental work. The WWF "Shark and Ray Initiative" team asked us to help build them a more interactive site.

The Brief

The "Shark and Ray Initiative" team wanted to dramatically improve engagement with their audience. Their existing pages did not utilise the great images they have, nor entice readers to browse through their pages. They asked us to design and develop a new set of website pages to address these issues.

Our Solution

After reviewing all their content and discussing the key messages with the team, we developed a new page structure. The use of our content gathering system then allowed the WWF editor to develop and refine the copy and organise it page by page. One of the key reasons to build this site was to enable the team to keep the site up to date and dynamic, so we worked hard to develop a content management system that could be used by writers without IT experience. The available images were stunning and so we made the best use of these, using the largest possible formats and full-screen backgrounds. The content is broken up nicely to make it more readable and we connected the theme together using water backdrops and section backgrounds. The news section works well for the 3 or 4 different types of content that the team post, so maintenance should be a straightforward task!

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