VSH - Veterinary Specialty Hospital

VSH - Veterinary Specialty Hospital

The Veterinary Specialty Hospital approached us not long after setting up the Hong Kong arm of the operation to help them adapt their website to the local market.

The Brief

The Veterinary Specialty Hospital (Hong Kong) is an extension of a referral-only veterinary specialist facility in San Diego, USA. They had been provided with a copy of the US version of the VSH website which needed updating and adapting to the Hong Kong Market (including the addition of Chinese language pages). The VSH were also interested in design improvements to better position themselves as a centre of excellence, and to provide a clearer message about the scope of their services. 

Our Solution

We carried out a full redesign of the website, reducing the amount of written content per section, and using clearer messaging. This resulted in a much cleaner look, and clear purpose to each page. A key requirement on the specification was very obvious menu buttons so that those looking for resources in an emergency were able to locate them quickly and we used over-sized icons on the menu on the homepage to enable quick navigation.

At the heart of the VSH are the specialist veterinarians, and so we created clean profile pages for each specialist that they can manage themselves. We also built iclever connectivity between service pages and the specialists responsible for those services to cross promote.

The VSH staff also needed to publish blogs and videos to demonstrate their work so we developed a front-end editing interface for blogging and media upload that linked with their profiles.