Stanley Wellness Centre

Stanley Wellness Centre

The Stanley Wellness Centre is an integrative, natural, family health clinic offering multiple allied and complementary health disciplines but its website was outdated and not bringing in the business it could. They asked us to help.

The Brief

The Stanley Wellness Centre needed a new mobile-friendly website that they could utilise to promote their services and practitioners. The new site had to be updateable by their staff, and work in cohesion with their social marketing strategy. Most importantly, it had to present their brand values and reinforce their position in the natural healthcare industry.

Our Solution

We developed and very clean and simple design that featured icons on the homepage to represent each service, and this enables visitors to easily identify where they should navigate to. In addition, we used beautiful images for each service to attract hits to each service page as well as to feature if those pages were shared on social media. We also identified an opportunity that would help immensely with social media marketing. This was to take advantage of the many different practitioners and create blog authoring accounts for them. Their profiles were also linked to their services and vice-versa. This means that any promotion of a service is a promotion of the relevant practitioners, and any practitioner can promote their services through blogging.