Lucho Dillitos

Lucho Dillitos

The exciting new brand from Hong Kong needed an upgraded website and e-commerce solution for the sales of their organic and eco-friendly product.

The Brief

The guys at Lucho Dillitos had set up a website for their brand new operation but it was not conveying the correct message to customers. They approached us for a complete redesign, something that could be a starting point to grow their online sales. They needed to sell their products internationally, with multiple currencies and shipping costs, and they needed a site that was easy to manage.

Our Solution

We compiled their content into just 6 top menu items and then built out fairly long, but very visual pages that presented the history of the product, and placed emphasis on the unique selling points. The shop itself is quite simple and we presented the products with the all-important icons that define the quality and sustainability of the product alongside bite-size chunks of scientific information. Then events listing and media section were set up to provide the simplest of interfaces to encourage more blogging for marketing purposes.