Blueflower Travel

Blueflower Travel

The Blueflower travel company, a Hong Kong startup, needed a website that exhibited luxury travel options with beautiful imagery to inspire visitors to take the trip of a lifetime.

The Brief

We were approached by renowned chef and travel writer Andrea Oschetti to build a website for a travel agency with a difference. The travel agency, Blueflower, was based on a concept of enabling customers to experience truly unique and special holiday experiences that were unavailable on the traditional travel agency market. The website had to reflect these ideals, make use of the stunning photography Andrea had amassed over the years. It also has very comprehensive tracking so that Andrea could adapt his presentation of content depending on what provided the best results.

Our Solution

With a great design as a starting point, we built out a content management system that would allow very pictorial holiday pages, while ensuring total ease of maintenance for the Blueflower team. New holidays can easily be added and categorised into their specific type and country, and all enquiries feed through tracked buttons so Andrea can always know what it was that converted his website visitors into customers.