Creating Sections

Creating and editing sections of one of your main pages.

Please remember that we will have set this up for you, so you need not worry about setting up your main pages. These instructions are available in case you want to make changes yourself.

Introducing Sections

Each main page of your website is made of sections that are on top of each other as shown here.

In the backend you can access the sections through the Main Pages link in the menu. Then click on the page you wish to edit and you will see the tab for the sections as below:

A page can consist of as many sections as you want. Some pages may only use one section such as the blog page, but others will use many sections to show banners and different types of content. 

Changing the order of sections

If you want to reorder the sections then it is easier if you minimise them first. By holding the control/cmd key and clicking on the icon shown as "1" below, you can minimise all the sections. Then it is possible to simply drag them for reordering by hovering over the left side of the title (see "2" below).

Deleting Sections

To delete a section click the delete icon (shown as 3 above). After deleting a section it is best to save the page before adding a new section.

Adding Sections

To add a new section click on "Add New Section" shown as 4 above. A section can display many different types of layouts such as banners, cards, grids, Lists, Icons etc. When creating a new section it is first necessary to choose your layout type, and then the content source. This is covered in the next page of this manual called Layouts in Sections.