Layouts in Sections

Here we cover the layout options that can be used when creating a new section

If you have not read about creating sections then please make sure you do so here first.

Please remember that we will have set this up for you, so you need not worry about setting up your main pages. These instructions are available in case you want to make changes yourself.

Introducing Layouts

When creating a new layout, it necessary to add the section title and then choose the layout. Only after the layout is chosen can you select the source of the content (shop, blogs, services, team members...).

Layout Options

Here are the main layout options available.

Layout Variations

Within each layout are options to show or hide the title of the section and to change the colour and style of the backgrounds and elements.


Once you have picked the layout you want to show in your new section, you can then select the source. Options vary depending on the layout chosen, but typically you can decide from:

  • blogs
  • blog categories
  • products
  • product categories
  • services/features
  • team members
  • add the content manually

Testing and Trialing

You can change the layout and the source at any time and check the front end until you find the best layout  style for the purpose. Remember you can put the page into preview mode and then the public can't see what you are doing until you are ready (see page-visibility instructions here).