Main Pages

Setting up and editing the main pages of your website

Main Pages

We will have set up all your main pages to look fantastic, so you need not worry about the instructions here. However, these instructions are available in case you want to make changes or add new content or even new pages.

To edit the main pages simply select "Main Pages" in the top menu and you will see a list of the pages. There are buttons to create, delete and reorder pages. The Reorder button is particularly useful as it allows you to re-arrange the order of pages in your main menu.

If you want to edit the content on a page, then click on the page you wish to edit.

When you click on the page you wish to edit you will find see a form, made up of the top section and then two tabs.

Top Section

The top part of the form contains the key information about the page. The name of the page, as shown in the menu, the url address, and the header style. Most importantly if you are editing, there is the option to turn the page visibility to "Preview" so that it is not visible to the public when editing. 

If you set it to "Preview" then only you will be able to see the page at the frontend (you need to be logged in to the backend). Set to "Live" to allow the public to see the page.

This is particularly important when creating new pages - always keep them in preview mode until you are ready for the public to see them.

The page URL is automatically generated when you add the page title. It is important to know that the url can be edited to improve the page's SEO, but you should NOT change the url of an existing page without careful thought.  Search engines will already have indexed the existing URL and people might have shared that url on social media. Ask us for advice on this if not sure.

Tab 1 - SEO: for setting key SEO and share details

Lower down the form there are two main tabs, "SEO" and "Sections". The first tab - SEO - is show in front. Here you can enter the page title and the descriptions used for search engine listings and social media sharing. You can also upload a "share image" which is what will display on social media if the page is shared. 

Tab 2 - Sections: for editing page sections

The other tab on this editing page is called "Sections". This tab is used for accessing and editing the main content of the page.

Each page is made up of sections which are positioned on top of each other. 

*You can read about this in more detail on the "Creating Sections" part of this manual.