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Creating and managing products

E-commerce by Snipcart

You will be able to manage your orders, shipments and all communications through your snipcart dashboard which is here:

This dashboard is user-friendly and nicely laid out and there are full instructions available here:

Product Creation and Editing

To use Snipcart, you still need to add the products to your website. 

To keep things as easy as possible for you, we have set up the product creation to be almost identical to creating blogs. It makes more sense to keep the formats the same so that its easier to learn.

Simply click the "Shop" icon in the top menu to access the list of products. 

Management of products is similar to blogs so please make sure to read the blog instructions

Adding price and weight

With products, of course, its necessary to set up the price of the product and also the weight (for shipping calculations).

Adding Options

Even adding options is fairly easy and flexible as shown in the image below.