Global Settings

How to set the global features such as the logos, social media links and page visibility

Opening the Global Settings Page

We will have already set up this up on your website so there should be no need for you to make changes here.  But you are welcome to access this area and make changes if you so wish.

Once you click on your website's name you'll have access to the main settings page.
This is divided up into 4 tabs as below:

Tab 1 - Names and logos

You can easily set links to social media as well as your logo here. Everything on the form is explained and so it should be very obvious where you need to enter information. If you are not sure please do reach out to us and ask.

Tab 2 - Privacy policy and T&C's

In this second tab, you can easily control the visibility of these two pages, and amend the content.

Tab 3 - Adding your newsletter form

If you want to show a newsletter signup box on your blog pages, then please add the form embed code here. You can also add the title and intro for the form here.

For best results remove the top part of the embed code (which shows a link and also some styles). Remove everything above "<div id="mc_embed_signup">".

Tab 4 - Thank you messages

The 4th tab is for thank you messages. These show after visitors have either submitted some information through the contact form, or else after they have used the lead generation form. You can easily edit these messages as you please.

Adding content to your pages

If you wish to edit the content of the main pages you need to click on the "Main Pages" link in the menu. This is covered on the next page of this manual.