How to add your blogs, news and other articles!

The BigFish Blog System

Our blogging platform is very easy to use. When we put it together our focus was to keep things as simple and flexible as possible, while maximising SEO practices. 

The base of our system is OctoberCMS's great user interface which makes uploading images and working with text such a pleasure!

The Blog List

Click on "Blogs" in the main menu to get the blog list.

Once you are in the blog area you will see a list of your blogs similar to that shown above. 

  1. The "Create" button is used to create a new blog
  2. Here we have filters so that it is easy to find any blogs you want to edit
  3. This menu icon allows you to select which columns are showing
  4. You can see which blogs are published and this is clickable so you can publish/unpublish easily from the list view
  5. You can click on these ticks/crosses to set if the blog should be featured or not
  6. Click this to access and manage your list of categories

If you create a new blog or edit an existing blog, you will find the editing page. All the fields are explained in detail so you should have no difficulty adding your content. Please do note there are 3 tabs.

Previewing content before publishing

In the admin tab of your blog editing form, there is a switch titled "Public". If you slide this to "Off" then your new blog will NOT be visible to the public.

When a blog is unpublished, only you will be able to see it on the frontend (because you are logged into the backend). The blog will be marked with a label so that you know it is not public. In the example below, the blog on the right is not published.

Showing Author and Newsletter Signup.

In the admin tab of the blog editing form, there are options to show an author and/or your newsletter sign up form.

If these are selected then they will show on the blog's page. Please be aware that you first need to add your newsletter code to the "Global Settings" as described here. Once your newsletter code has been added to the global settings then you can set the sign up to show or not on any of your blogs as you please.