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Businesses thrive on organic traffic

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of ensuring a website has the best possible chance of listing near the top of result lists in search engines. This is the single most important way that a website can obtain traffic without paid advertising. This is called ORGANIC traffic.

Taking information directly from Google itself the factors that decide ranking (among others) include:

  1. Relevance
  2. Quality of content
  3. Usability of webpages


To attract the right traffic, your website needs to contain genuinely interesting and valuable content that provides solutions to the problems and concerns of your target audience.

Its important to identify the search terms used by this audience - these are known as the key words.

We take a list of words provided by you, the expert in your field. We then use a range of software tools that can identify additional keywords that are frequently used in searches and we will analyse their efficiency for SEO and PPC (pay per click advertising).

This process is important to identify words that are frequently searched for, but are not already targeted by your competitors. In other words, if you can include these words in your content, then you are more likely to turn up near the top of the results page when people search for them.

Quality of Content

We do offer the service of optimising your static content and main page structure for SEO. This service includes an assessment of all of your content and the development of a new site map and page structure. We will also include an SEO strategy that might require the generation of new content. We also provide expert advice on how to better structure your blogs to attract organic traffic.  

Usability of webpages

A primary focus for us as website developers is the usability of webpages, and this is where we can get our hands dirty! Search engines look at a number of indicators for usability such as:

  1. Cross-browser compatibility
  2. Mobile device optimisation
  3. Site loading speed.

At Roojai Website Solutions we are highly committed to scoring very high scores in each of these areas. We have strived to utilise the lightest frameworks, and we hand-code every part of our website to ensure there is zero bloat. We have not used off-the-shelf templates in any of our websites for many years as these tend to be generic and use a lot of resource-heavy frameworks that are simply not needed.

It's hard to guarantee actual scores on either GT Metrix or Google Page Speed Tool as they are dependent on a number of factors such as testing location, and server speed which is variable. However, we are very focused on getting "Into the Green" and we are confident that this surpasses our competitors by some considerable amount!!!!

Roojai Website Solutions | Web Development for Hong Kong

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