Event ticketing made easy by Roojai's BigFish Events System

Event ticketing made easy by Roojai's BigFish Events System

The Angels for Children charity used our custom event ticketing system for their annual "Zumbathon" - a major fundraiser for the Po Leung Kuk charity. Over 400 tickets were sold before the event and our custom systems handled the scanning and entry process flawlessly.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Don't you just hate it when you arrive, all excited, at a great event and find a long and very slow-moving queue at the entrance!

It's even worse if you are the event organiser and you are facing the embarrassment of not being able to handle the efficient handling of the ticket processing. That aforementioned queue is not only delaying your event but some individuals are beginning to complain.

For the Angels for Children charity, the rising popularity of their annual "Zumbathon" meant that this had been the scene in previous years, but they were determined to avoid a repeat in 2019.

Roojai Event and Ticket Scanning System

Angels for Children asked us if it was possible to upgrade our events systems to enable the generation of tickets that could be scanned at the entrance. Even better if the system could be paperless!

Of course, we said YES! We are always up for the challenge of creating better systems for both our clients and their website users.

We extended our event system with the following features:

  • Different ticket types easily created for each event, eg, frontrow or backrow.
  • Buyers can easily purchase multiple tickets for their family and friends.
  • Buyers can use the inbuilt system to send on tickets to their family and friends.
  • Tickets would come with links to generate PDF's that are scannable without printing.
  • Easy for admin to check and update tickets through a user-friendly backend interface.
  • Each ticket has a buyer name, a unique owner name and a unique QR code.
  • Tickets can be scanned with a standard smartphone without any specific apps.
  • The number of scanners working the entrance is unlimited, to maximise entry flow.
  • One-click manual check-in from a master list as a backup in case of scanning problems (or as it a supplementary method).
  • Full event ticket listing is exportable in excel as a secondary backup.
  • Scanning of tickets can be monitored by remote admin on any laptop so they can see in an instant who has arrived.
  • Full details of the ticket are provided to the scanner at the entrance, this includes the validity, buyer name and ticket name and purchase date.
  • If a ticket is invalid, details will be provided to the scanner as to the buyer, the owner, and also when that ticket was redeemed.

Big Success!!

With well over 400 tickets sold, the event went ahead on schedule last weekend and the ticket scanning system worked perfectly! The Angels had 4 or 5 people with smartphones at the door, ready to scan tickets, and they said, and I quote, 

"It's awesome, we cleared the queue within 10 minutes"

Debbie - "Tech Angel" from Angels for Children

This wasn't the first time the Roojai Events system had been used with scannable tickets, but we are super pleased that it went so well with a pretty decent sized attendance, and even more pleased that the Angels loved it so much.

What are the advantages of using inhouse systems vs other major ticket platforms?

It's important to use the right tool for the right job, and using an inhouse system is probably not advisable for massive events such as ClockenFlap! For that scale of event, Eventbrite or TicketFlap are great solutions! But for smaller events there are many advantages to using an inhouse event system.

Without a doubt, the main reason to use an in-house event and ticket system is that it allows you to manage all the steps through your own website.

This provides continuity, seamless branding, increases trust, looks more professional and is simply a better user experience!

It allows much better control of all the design and functional elements such as ticket options, and checkout flows. 

Even those third party event platforms that allow you to "sell from your own website" use clunky iframes and redirection links which always result in poorer user experience and less consistent branding. Frankly it's just not as professional.

Angels for Children had used these third party event platforms in the past so we asked them why they preferred an inhouse option and they said:

"The process of posting a new event or changes to an existing required a certain amount of lead time. So this caused some delays as many of our past events were last minute or needed immediate changes. By bringing the ticket system in-house, we now have complete control and can post/edit on the fly"

Suzanne - "Chief Angel" from Angels for Children

To close up, we should highlight there are some cost implications, although the difference here is pretty minor. Our system uses Snipcart as the e-commerce solution, and Stripe and the payment gateway, and the pricing for Angels for Children for both of these together is around 5% of the ticket price. 

Eventbrite charges 5.99% for the same functionality whereas ticketflap costs 7%. So only 1-2% difference here but even a small saving is still a saving.

Its great to see our systems benefiting our clients and making their lives easier. This is another example of building systems to meet specific needs rather than using an off-the-shelf solution that does not deliver the best results.

If you need any assistance with the set up of event systems on your website then please do reach out to us!