10 features your website needs to maxmise your business profit

10 features your website needs to maxmise your business profit

It’s no good if you have traffic arriving at your website but you are not converting it into leads or sales. Here are 10 important features required to maximise the effectiveness of your site in growing your business and keeping ahead of your competitors.

Tuesday 31st October 2017

1. Responsive (mobile friendly) design

With more and more people accessing websites via their phones and tablets, it is essential that your website is easy to read and navigate around on mobile devices. Analytics from our Hong Kong clients show an average 45% of hits are from mobiles, so if your site is not responsive then you could be losing 1/2 of your leads straight off the bat! 

2. Design and branding

That first impression is important! Convincing visitors to stay requires trust in the services you are offering. Many will be put off by inconsistent branding or poor design. There needs to be a balance between branding and delivery of your message. How this is managed is very dependent on your target market, and your positioning within that market. In our experience, too much focus on aesthetics can be detrimental to the delivery of your unique selling point/value proposition.

3. Original images that create an immediate impression

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The use of original images add personality to a website and separates it from those oh-so-boring competitors you have. A good image can be a centrepiece that attracts a visitor and encourages them to read your content. For some sites we do use stock imagery, but we use sources that are well off the beaten trail, images that really stand out as unusual and original.

4. Clear headlines and written content that highlight your USP

You need to deliver your message quickly and directly to your site visitors, so it's important to select clear, concise wording. Most importantly you need to promote your USP and give your visitors a reason to stick around, or even better, take an action that will be their first step to becoming a customer. Here again, our experience with balancing branding with images and with your message can help you improve your conversion rate.

5. Offers, content promotions or other 'lead magnets' 

The days of visitors willingly signing up to a newsletter list without an incentive are long-gone, unless of course, you are one of those rare businesses with a very unique and sought after value proposition. For most websites, it is important to present an offer of real value to visitors. W can work with you to determine appropriate offers that will incentivise visitors to take action on your website. 

6. Automated systems to process your leads

If you want to scale your business, and also nurture your customer relationships, then it is essential that your website is connected with a customer relationship management system (CRM). At Roojai Website Solutions we set up all contacts forms to link directly into a contact management system that has the capacity to send out personalised automated emails. These systems adapt depending on your customers behaviour, so that they are always receiving relevant information. They also work well with our e-commerce platform, sending out automated product information emails, reminders or stock update notices. 

7. Landing pages and strong calls-to-action

If you are selling multiple products or services then its important that you have specific landing pages set up for each. These pages will need to be optimised for the key search terms that your customers use, and they also need to feature strong calls to action, so that visitors can quickly and easily achieve what they came to the page to do.

8. A blog (or news section)

A blog or regularly updated news area is an important tool to acquire traffic, rather than maximise profit. However, its also very important tool to help in positioning your business and generating trust.

9. Trust indicators

In addition to a blog or news section, a prominent display of testimonials, guarantees, awards or other materials are key to showing potential customers that you are trustworthy to do business. 

10. A contact page with prominent contact details

Of course, it goes without saying, you need to have clear contact details in addition to contact forms to continue to build on the trust element. These establish you as user-friendly, transparent and trustworthy.