Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

HK$ 2888 per month

For clients that want the ultimate performance for their website. Tiger Shark includes content updates as well as detailed monthly SEO audits, reports and strategy recommendations.

All three of our BigFish packages include:

  • Custom website design
  • Professional page layouts
  • Initial content upload
  • Fully responsive website for mobiles
  • Powerful e-commerce system
  • Optimisations for search engines
  • Secure hosting and maintenance

You can see a full comparison of the packages here: Full Pricing and Details

BigFish Tiger Shark Package provides all the value of Barramundi with the addition of the monthly service to add content such as blogs, products or make page changes. This allows you to focus 100% on your business and not worry about updating your website yourself. Compared to the Merlin package you get more service time allocated to your site (1hr 30min per month) and, most importantly, we will run monthly audits of the website and produce reports to help with your SEO strategy. This includes keyword research, keyword audits and rank checks, domain strength monitoring, link tracker audits and also competitor rankings!

For the initial design and build,  you can take advantage of our professional designers and development experience and also long-term support and guidance. You also get a site hosted on secure fast loading servers!

We can make this great offer because we have built BigFish on a very secure and extendable opensource platform called OctoberCMS. Using this platform reduces our maintenance overheads and allows us to provide the functionality you need without having to pay for premium plugins.

The time it takes to get your website built is dependant on the availability of your content, but typically we can get a website up and running within 10 days if everything is available to us. Our process is thorough and tailored to getting the best results possible for your company. 

We are really excited to get you on board BigFish so you can relax knowing that your website needs are being taken care of.