Is BigFish Suitable for your website?

We believe BigFish is the best solution for 90% of startups and small to medium-sized business owners. But before we go further, let's make sure it is the best option for you!

BigFish Design

Flexible designs generated from our platform

We will build your website with a unique colour palette and font select to match your branding. We will also layout your pages to suit your content and the purpose of the website (eg sales vs lead generation). We don't use templates and every BigFish website is unique!

However, using the BigFish platform means that we are limited to the layout options provided by the system. The system is very flexible and uses combinations of banners, card and grid effects that can be laid in any order.

You can see examples of BigFish layouts on our samples page.

If you think that you need many parts of your site to be designed in a very specific or bespoke way that is quite different to these samples then you will need a custom build and BigFish is not for you. We can prepare a proposal for a custom build project so please do get in touch with us through our contact page

BigFish E-commerce

A powerful system provided by Snipcart

If you are going to be selling online then you can take advantage of the e-commerce system provided with BigFish. Our system links with snipcart and so you manage all your sales, stock levels, shipping and client communication through the Snipcart control panel. You can read more about our e-commerce functionality here.

It's important that you are aware that:

  • Snipcart is a 3rd party and you will need to make payments to them for the service
  • The cost of using Snipcart's service is 2% of your total sales (or US$10 if sales are below US$500 per month).
  • We recommend Stripe as the credit card payment gateway, and they cost 3.4% + HK$2.35 per transaction.
  • Paypal is also a good option to provide and Paypal charges dependant on your volume of sales but it is similar to Stipe.
  • We will get your shop set up for you and show you the basics you need, but then your ongoing support will come from Snipcart's support system. If you have signed up for a higher level package such as "Marlin" or "Tiger Shark" then we will be able to provide support for your e-commerce questions.
  • Our higher level packages "Marlin" and "Tiger Shark" are not a requirement for e-commerce use on BigFish but are recommended to ensure you have the full support you need.

Domains, Hosting and Email

Domain Registration

Your domain is an important asset to your business. Its your address and we require that you register your domain yourself. That said, we will provide some helpful advice on where and how to register your domain if you have not done so already. Costs are typically HK$80 per year or HK$400 per year for a "" domain.

Hosting is provided by us

We will provide the hosting for your website so you do not need to worry about setting up any hosting accounts. We will also point your domain to our hosting for you.

Email accounts with Google's "Gsuite".

We require that your email accounts be set up on Google's business "Gsuite" system. In fact we recommend this system to all our clients but for BigFish it is a requirement. Google charges US$50 per year (or US$5 per month) for each email account.

If your business has a large number of email addresses then this might not be economical for you, and in that case we do have some options that we will need to talk to you about in detail. Do please let us know upfront if Gsuite is not a good solution for you.


BigFish comes with a lot of functionality built in

Included with Bigfish are systems for:

  • User-friendly optimsation system for search engines positioning
  • Lead capture systems
  • Landing page set up
  • Advanced layout system for your main pages
  • User-friendly systems for blogs, news and events listings
  • E-commerce
  • Services / features display system
  • Menu update and displays system for restaurants
  • Analytics display
  • Multi-language support
  • Blog visitor commenting

If you think that your site needs some bespoke functionality in addition to these then BigFish might not be the solution for you