Lucho Dillitos is rocking it on BigFish!

Lucho Dillitos is rocking it on BigFish!

Over the last couple of months, we have launched a number of our "BigFish" websites for some very happy clients! Lucho Dillitos took the honours for being the first site to go live on the platform and online sales have been significantly up compared to their pre-BigFish system! Read more for the reasons why the system has boosted sales.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

The Lucho Dillitos website went live on the new BigFish system at the end of February, and in the period of just over 2 months since then, online sales have more than doubled. BigFish is a system we have launched to accommodate the website needs of small businesses and start-ups, particularly those that need effective e-commerce solutions.

The main reason why our package is so attractive to small businesses is there is no barrier to entry. We provide full design and development services on a subscription basis, totally removing the upfront investment costs of normal website development. To achieve this we took over 10 years of experience in website development and cherry-picked all the best platforms and apps and brought them together in a package designed to reduce admin time and increase effectiveness.

How did BigFish help boost online sales at Luchos Dillitos?

1) Better user-experience means more sales

First and probably foremost, is the user experience, and this can be broken down to 5 areas:

  • Site loading speed
    BigFish websites typically load faster than Wordpress, Wix, Shopify and other common website systems. 
  • Clear display of products
    Products are clearly featured on the homepage and the shop page is super easy to use due to product filters that require no refresh.
  • Ease of adding products to the cart
    Products can be added to the shopping cart from any page, there is no need to navigate to a product page. Less clicks needed = more customers make it to check out!
  • Ease of checkout
    The checkout process is as simple as possible. The currency used throughout the site is automatically set based on the visitor's location and "checkout as guest" option makes the 4 step process super quick.
  • Mobile responsiveness
    It is as easy to shop on a small mobile phone as it is on a desktop, so customers can easily purchase on the move.

2) More visitors has meant more sales

Although there has not been a significant change in the marketing of the site since it was converted onto the BigFish platform, we can see from the analytics that visitor numbers are up about 40%. A big contributor to this will be improved search engine optimisation (SEO), as this is a big focus of our system.

Search Engine Optimisations that the BigFish site provide over the previous site are, like the previous point, also related to user experience. This is because search engines such as google reward websites that deliver a good user experience. Improved site speed, mobile responsive layouts and also secure servers (which show HTTPS in the address bar) all help. In fact, there is a huge checklist to go through for SEO and we make sure every BigFish site has everything ticked and optimised down to the tiniest detail, and this "marginal gains" strategy pays off! 

3) Improved relationship marketing has r

3) Improved relationship marketing has resulted in more returning customers.

Relationship marketing is a bit of a buzzword at the moment, in recognition that building stronger connections and better communication with customers will foster customer loyalty.

The Luchos Dillitos BigFish site employs relationship marketing techniques in the following ways.

  • A discount incentive for new customers
    The use of a discount coupon incentive on the homepage has brought in a significant number of sales over the first two months. This sign up process captures the customer details even if they do not progress through to a sale, so that follow up messages can be sent.
  • Abandoned cart recovery
    The website tracks abandoned carts and automated campaigns provide help to customers to finish their order.
  • Post sales follow up
    The e-commerce system is linked with MailChimp newsletter software and after a sale is completed, automated follow-up emails help check that the customer is satisfied and encourage feedback.
  • Delivery of special news and offers to loyal customers
    Again, using MailChimp automation, loyal customers can qualify for special offers, and these emails are highly personalised. 

4) Use of custom landing pages for campaigns

The BigFish CMS has an inbuilt landing page creator that enables website owners to build great landing pages in minutes. These landing pages are different to normal web pages because they focus on a singular message or offer.  

We've yet to employ this tactic for Luchos Dillitos but in the next blog, we'll go through how easy it is to set up a landing page, using Lucho Dillitos as an example, so be sure to read that!

Please be sure to visit the Lucho Dillitos website and see it for yourself. 

If you are interested in improving your online sales or developing a website for your business, please do contact us.