How we helped a charity coalition to reach over 1 million signatures to help Dogs in Indonesia

How we helped a charity coalition to reach over 1 million signatures to help Dogs in Indonesia

Its been a fantastic year for Dog Meat Free Indonesia, their successful campaign has brought about real change. Their website is one of many we have built for charities and NGO's, and we are so happy that we have been able to play a part in important causes like this.

Friday 26th October 2018

It was in August 2017 that we were contacted to help with the launch of a new charity coalition called Dog Meat Free Indonesia. We were asked to provide the branding and website for a high profile launch 2 months later on November 1st.

Branding and Website Design

Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) was conceived with the singular focused aim to stop the suffering of dogs due to the consumption of Dog Meat in Indonesia. The main driving force behind the coalition is the tireless Lola Webber, who we had worked with on other projects such as Asia for Animals.  

Our in-house designer created the logo and branding for the cause and it was awesome to see this logo adorned by many a supporter at rallies throughout the following year!

The website itself had to be bilingual as the goal was to attract a strong local Indonesian audience as well as an international one. We designed the layout using a lot of simple graphics that delivered the message clearly. Below is a screenshot of the top of the homepage, but please do visit the site here to see it all!

TARGET: 1 million signatures within one year!

One of the main goals of the charity coalition was to attract supporters to sign a petition that would be used to pressure the Indonesian Government to make a change to legislation, and the charity set an ambitious target of securing 1 million signatures within one year!

Acquiring visitors to the website

  • An active news section was used to generate regular traffic to the site. News items were added to the site every two weeks and these were shared on social media. 
  • In addition to the news section, the charity held fairly regular press releases about the issue, and we built specific resource pages for each press release to ensure that all media agencies and other supporters could access the facts and media easily and efficiently.  
  • Partnership with other charities played a big part in gaining support for the issue, as they would allow the leverage of their already well established audiences.
  • Support from celebrities for the campaign allowed access to massive audiences of followers. On the day of the website launch, a few posts on social media by Indonesian celebrities resulted in over 30,000 hits in one day! 

Converting visitors to petition signers

  • We placed clear "Call to Action" buttons on all pages to lead visitors to the petition page which was our main conversion page
  • We positioned a very obvious "Take Action" button in the navigation menu on both desktop and mobile display.
  • After visitors signed the petition, they were transferred to a page that encouraged further sharing of the issue. Leveraging the reach of petition signers was an important part to increase exposure.
  • Initially the site only had the one conversion target, the petition, and this allowed a very focused flow. However there was a requirement to add two more actions for visitors to take which diluted the main goal. To mitigate this dilution, we created a very simple page that listed the actions and put the primary target at the top. 

Success of the Campaign

Persistent work from Lola and the Dog Meat Free Indonesia team ensured the topic was regularly raised in both national and international news. This put pressure on the Indonesian authorities and a big break through came in August at an animal welfare meeting:

 "all national participants agreed to issue a ban on the trade of dog and cat meat in Indonesia and to prohibit the issuance of health certification for dog and cat meat for human consumption."

See the story here.

Despite this great success that occurred before the submission of the petition to the Indonesian Government, the DMFI team has kept up the pressure on the campaign. It is very important that this pledge is carried through and effective action is taken to stop the suffering. 

we still have a long way to go to ensure this results in real and impactful change for animals in such desperate need for change, and the coalition will never stop fighting until the last dog and cat slaughterhouse, restaurant and market is closed.

Dog Meat Free Indonesia


“Roojai website solutions have continued to provide holistic and innovative services in setting up a number of websites and management systems for my team. By taking the time to understand our requirements and target audiences, they have provided tailored designs and functionality to meet all of our needs. Having a team of professionals taking care of our websites, providing regular updated systems and designs and proactive solutions has been invaluable and saves us innumerable hours each week! Thank you Roojai!”

Lola Webber from Dog Meat Free Indonesia

The DMFI team did a fantastic job to gain the support of celebrities for the campaign. The video below produced by Environment Films was used at the initial launch in November 2017.